• I worked with David for three years and found he was very pleasant to work with solving I.T. issues for the Finance department. David showed a great deal of knowledge regarding his position as I.T. Administrator at London Cross Cultural Learner Centre. He was able to share his knowledge by offering training workshops to staff members so they could refine their skill set with programs like Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook. David was a valued member of our staff and a dedicated professional.

    --Barbara Chambers
  • It is my pleasure to write a note of recommendation for David. I have known David since 2011 when we met while working together at CCLC. Our departments worked very closely together and it was a joy to partner with such a pleasant and responsible individual. David is a very dedicated person. He takes his job seriously and he will be an asset to any company and/or organization.

    --Lina Hernandez, Human Resources and Communications Manager | LL.M Candidate
  • I have the pleasure of working with Dave at CCLC and since our time working together, he has shown success in managing a heavy workload while responding to ongoing requests related to IT needs for all of the staff at CCLC. He has implemented simple report forms and procedures to help staff accurately report IT activities to be filed in queue.

    Dave’s humor and creativity are a welcomed contribution to team settings. Dave took the lead in a staff meeting this year and prepared an icebreaker that was engaging, active and fun—the staff loved it! Dave is reliable, knowledgeable and his ability to execute difficult tasks in a timely manner is a great asset for CCLC.

    --Katy Boychuk, Community Planning Specialist; Training and Development; Employee Engagement; Community Capacity Building
  • Dave is a fantastic colleague. He is very skilled in teaching and supporting clients with patience and understanding. A very knowledgeable individual with the ability to share his expertise with his team. I appreciate having a colleague like Dave on my team.

    --Hilary Francis, Employment Counsellor at Youth Opportunities Unlimited
  • Resourceful, professional, respectful , excellent team player. Dave is a highly motivated and dedicated individual who brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to his work. Dave was always needed and he always provided support for everyone. Dave is a wonderful person with a great sense of humour able to answer any professional questions, and not only… he is a walking dictionary.

    --Ramona Lucan, Support Service Worker at Community Living London
  • David is extremely well suited to his chosen path as an information technology trainer and consultant. He is not only extremely knowledgeable in this field, but also a born teacher. He is patient and encouraging, able to help computerphobes overcome their fears and to realise that computers can be extremely useful tools. I have recommended David’s services to several contacts and would continue to do so without hesitation.

    --Wendy Richards, Effective employment counsellor: motivates and coaches clients to discover their strengths and succeed in job search – WIL Employment Connections
  • David is a very experienced IT professional that always is ready to help everyone in the organization. He is a born coach and always has great patience in a team to find solutions and to make the project successful. David’s main feature, he always has a listening ear for you.

    --Gunther PORTAELS, Experienced IT PM Manager with proven track of successful project delivery
  • Dave is a very powerful persuasive person who gets the job done. His technical and personal skills make him a strong resource who can manage multiple systems with high rates of performance.

    --Gabriel Carneiro, MBA Senior IT Strategist, Operations Director and Program Leader.
  • After a few unsuccessful experiences with Computer Technicians, I found Mr. Mann’s Technical expertise to be superior and his assistance was both personable and professional. He sorted out my new software problems and patiently assisted me to understand and be able to manage my new program. I will continue to use his expertise and highly recommend him.

    --Mary L Howard, Personal Client
  • I want to thank you for all the help you have given me with my PC over the last couple of years. You are an excellent teacher, with very effective listening skills. You explain things clearly and in a logical manner and let me follow your instructions so that I can do it myself the next time. You are often able to help me remotely, which is an efficient way to work. And you are reliable, always coming or phoning on time. I highly recommend you to anyone wanting to improve their computer skills with one-on-one instruction. Having individual instruction is far superior to classes because you get help in the areas you need it. Then you can put your new learning into action right away. Good luck in all your future endeavours.

    --Joyce Orchard, Personal Client
  • It is with great pleasure that I would like to highly recommend the work of Mr. David Mann. Mr. Mann came highly recommended to me by two friends who used his services earlier this year and were very much pleased with his work. My two friends assured me that Mr. Mann was a very knowledgeable and patient instructor and the best choice to help me build and maintain my organization’s web site [Global Importune].

    As a computer novice, I was very hesitant about seeking help from anyone with computer knowledge to help me build my web site. I thought an instructor would intimidate me and make me feel foolish and uncomfortable while he explained “web site 101” to me. But after talking with my two friends who recommended Mr. Mann, they assured me that this was not Mr. Mann’s style, and within the first few moments into the first session, I found this to be true.

    I felt very comfortable with Mr. Mann’s hands on approach to teaching me what needed to be taught. Mr. Mann was patient throughout my numerous “foolish questions” [my words, not his] and during our session, I never felt he talked down to me. After each session, I always felt wiser than when I began.

    By the end of our session, I felt confident that I could perform the rudimentary task that I had found so elusive to me before his guidance. My thanks to Mr. Mann for teaching me how to make my “mountainous” web site implementation task into an understandable and manageable “mole hill.” Again, I would highly recommend without reservation the work of Mr. David Mann.

    --Mark Konrad, Executive Director-Global Importune, A Non-profit Human Rights Organization
  • Like most people I have, on several occasions, run into one sort or another of computer problem. These problems have ranged from finding the most useful resources on the net, to slow download time from my own webpage, to complete hard drive failure. Each of these obstacles proved frustrating for me, but to David Mann, they were merely additional challenges, in a long line of such challenges, to be met with nothing less than complete success. In each and every case this is exactly what he did. I do not hesitate for an instant in recommending Mr. Mann for any and all computer related problems or projects.

    --Harry Lerner, B.Sc. Dipl. Hons., Ph.D., Personal Client
  • I first met David Mann while he and I were students at a career college. I mistook David for a teacher because he was in the midst of assisting a fellow student. David was always available to assist me throughout my six months of study. David proved to me his expertise and knowledge in computer components, software applications and his extensive trouble-shooting abilities. I feel that there is no need to wish David luck for his future, for he doesn’t require it. I know that David will be successful in whichever endeavor he chooses.

    --Dennis Brown MCSE
  • While attending school with David Mann, I found him to be very helpful and knowledgeable. He was always willing to assist me whenever and wherever he could. I always felt very comfortable in asking him for help. He showed patience and understanding while he was assisting me and he made me feel that I could succeed in my studies. I miss having David at school to help and guide me as he had in the past. I wish him all the best.

    --Wendy S. Brewer
  • After taking computer courses, I found a lot of information a bit overwhelming. I met David Mann during preparation for a test, and he helped me understand what I needed to know by coming down to my level and teaching me with the use of analogies that made more sense than the textbooks! When my own computer was breaking down, he patiently led me through the process of developing a faster, more organized system suited for my use, and took the time to make sure I understood what was happening. He gave me the knowledge and tools to keep my computer running smoothly and set up a regular maintenance schedule, which was easy to follow. David’s professional, intelligent approach to these situations has encouraged me to confidently recommend his assistance to friends and family. I have never posed a question that he has failed to answer!

    --Kathi Blackwell